The Promontory of M. Argentario originates from sea line and it finds its nourishment. Here the sea means life, it marks time and the seasons thanks to the waves, being its voice and contact with land. The waves shout, when the first sea storms of the fall introduce the long period of the cold and Winter lull, but in Spring, they whisper, temptingly, when the first warmth of the new season awakes its torpid feelings.
Every period has its own charm and it can offer unique emotions; it's enough to keep an eye out and this land will know how to communicate through its breath: the waves that break repeatedly on the shore, breaking the silence of the sea in the winter season, the leaf that falls, directing its gaze up to the tree to admire and feel its warming autumn colours, the sea that, through its force and vehenance, suddenly meets a rock after its long wandering.
Just stop and listen and observe...
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