Every morning and evening the smell of the sea wafts along the quays of Porto S. Stefano and Porto Ercole harbours when fishing boats of all sizes unload the fruits of their labour. Fishing on the promontory dates back to a the first century A.C, when grecian geographer Strabone, described Porto S. Stefano as a tuna fishing conservatory (Portus incitaria or Portus ad cetaria in Latin). Since this time, fishing facilitated the migration of families from Campania, Liguria and coastal Tuscany. Today place names recall the fisher families who choose the Promontory of Monte Argentario as a place to settle.
From the quays, much of the fish is sold to important local markets by auction and will be delivered to markets counters and restaurant kitchens. Thanks to the advanced technologies fish can be exported all over the world and modern technology allows the fish to be traced to the boat that caught it. Local restaurants and markets support a policy of sharing this knowledge and encouraging the consummption of fish on the local market, enriching the diet of local families.
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