The story of a territory can be read on a set up table. It is like a picture narrating people lives, traditions rooted in hearths and souls and family customs handed down from one generation to another. On the table of the Promontory of Monte Argentario, fish is the main element. It is appreciated in both classical and original recipes from family traditions as the "Caldaro", but it has intense and sea flavour in the fishermen recipes, who used to dry the blue whiting fish (local named Ficamaschia) on boat.
Fish and recipes variety well combine with the gentle and fresh local oil and the intense and full-bodied ansonaca wine, typical of this land. Local sweets originate from tradition and recipe notebooks accurately kept by housewives. They were prepared for festivities and gave joy and sweetness to the table as the Pagnottella for Christmas time, the Schiaccia di Pasqua for Easter time, the Stinchi di morto and the Coroglio 'gnorante, prepared for the bride and bridegroom table in the past, but produced all-year today.
Take a seat...and taste the creativity.
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