When strolling on the Promontory of Monte Argentario, the vegetation ranges from the typical coastal to the upland environment. The holm oak woods dominate, alongside Mediterranean scrub such as myrtle, mastic, rosemary, juniper, broom, cistus, and the strawberry tree, each with their unique scent and lively Autumn and Spring colours. Climbing up Punta Telegrafo, the promontory‘s highest peak (635 mts), are chestnut trees, unexpected on and surrounded by sea. The mediterranean dwarf fan palm, growing perched over the sea along the coast and the beautiful spontaneous orchids, are also typical of the area.
The variety of vegetation is matched by the variety of soils, from sandy to rocky, with mineralogical and geological interesting areas, such as the Isola Rossa and the Grotta degli Stretti. An attentive eye will observe a rich variety of migratory birds among the thick branches that temporary pause on the territory. A wide variety of amphibious creatures live in the more humid areas, the most significant species being the Tyrrhenian painted frog. At sunset it is not difficult to bump into hedgehogs, porcupines, foxes and wild boar coming out from their dens looking for food.
Francesca Birardi, doctor in Natural Sciences and environmental tour guide
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