The Tyrrhenian Sea, as it is known, hosts the richest sessile and coloured fauna from the depths in the Mediterranean Sea. The Promontory of Monte Argentario, in the middle of the Tyrrhenian Sea is an easy destination to divers and sea lovers. The Argentario and the Tuscan Archipelago, the nearest islands, are characterised by an abundance of Mediterranean tapeweed meadows that play an important role in the marine economy. The cliffs are decorated with white, red and yellow soft corals as well as different species of coloured sponges.
This extraordinary habitat supports an extensive range of endemic fish species of Mare Nostrum, presenting divers of every level with an extraordinary abundace of life. In the summer period, when sea water is warmer and clearer, it is usual to see schools of bream fish, mediterranean barracuda and young greater amberjacks. To the attentive diver the marine biology secrets, of the Argentarola rock and wide biodiversity among, are not-to-be missed.
Francesca Birardi, doctor in Natural Sciences and environmental tour guide
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